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Derrymore Glen, Derrymore, Meelick, Co. Clare, IRELAND

Celebrate your child’s special day with some magificent and elegant balloons. Add the wow factor for your guests as they join the family’s special occasion.

Choose from a variety of designs for your basic bubble balloon, then choose what colour collar and internal balloon. Next, choose whatever text to apply, it might be the child’s name or a simple message. Lastly choose the weight and ribbon to complete the specially commissioned balloon for a momento.

Maybe a selfie station or photo opportunity frame for your guests to have their photo taken with the Communion child and their wonderful balloons.


Also, wow your guests as they enter the party with giant floater balloons. Customised in colour and size to suit your event.

  • Colours to suit your child
  • Everything handmade
  • Vibrate colours

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